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  1. Frank Mulvey
    Frank Mulvey January 24th at 8:31 AM |

    If I were to consider writing a text that would be seen by wide audience I would take a minute to check my spelling first. Theres (There are) lots of cool examples of it’s (its) appearance in nature and use in art and architecture.

  2. maria
    maria May 29th at 11:13 PM |

    Sherman: this subject is very complicated, I really appreciated you sharing your knowledge, never mind the spelling mistakes. THANKS!!!

  3. paul
    paul December 10th at 8:56 PM |

    I join in thanking Sherman for his piece. As regards spelling: “its” is the possessive pronoun, and Sherman used it correctly. “It’s” is short for “it is” and it’s only idiots who use it in place of “its”, and pompous idiots who take it on themselves to instruct other people to do so. Also, Frank, when you say “seen by wide audience” presumably you mean “seen by a (!) wide audience”. You’d benefit from going back to school and learning how to write English and what the rules of grammar are before trying to put anybody else right.

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