I need a new…

t happens all the time: Someone walks up to my desk and asks me to look something up, type something, email something, when I’m right in the middle of something else.

Help-Mac-SmallRather than close what I’m doing I hit Command+n (+n) and get a new browser window, an empty document, a blank email.

Help-PC-SmallI can do the same thing on my PC; use Control+n (CTRL+n). It works in most applications


  • In a web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) it opens a new one
  • In Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail  it opens a new email, calendar item or task (depending on what’s on your screen)
  • In Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint it creates a new document, spreadsheet or presentation

Command / Control n is a simple way to start something else without interrupting your work.