Tell people you’re out sick

will_return_clockI’ve been sick with a cold for about five days now.  It took me out of work late last week so I’ve got a lot of catch-up to do.  I apologize for not writing while I was away.

I would have had less work if I’d have told people I was out: I let me boss know, but I got a bunch of email and phone calls asking where I was and why I wasn’t responding.  So on top of all the work I had to apologize.  There’s a simple solution.

If I go on vacation I change my voice message and email responder to say I’m out.  I need to do the same when I’m sick.

People understand being out sick and appreciate me not bringing my cold in for them to share.  If they know I’m out they help pick up the slack; I do the same for them.  Telling people I’m out is a simple way of cutting down on the work when I return.