Is my password secure?

Passwords are a challenge. They need to be complicated enough to be “secure”, simple enough to remember. It’s a constant struggle for me as a computer user and network administrator to not only encourage “stronger” passwords but to use them myself.

I recently started using a password manager which is a huge help to me; we’ll get to what that is later. Right now I wanted to show you something kinda fun. It’s a website that shows you (relatively) how strong your password is.


Don’t worry, they don’t store or send your password anywhere. So visit and see what it says. Happy Monday!


Microsoft FixIt

If you have an issue with your windows computer there may be a one-click solution waiting for you over at the Microsoft FixIt website –


The FixIt Center is full of quick fixes to common problems. Like most Microsoft products and sites, it’s not intuitive, but once you get the hang of it and find what you’re looking for it’s Simple to fix things that may not be working right on your computer. A few of my often-used.

There may not be a solution to the Windows issue(s) you may be having; but Fixit is a Simple place to start looking!

Get a color pallet

Sometimes out walking around I see something and think “that would be a great color pallet for _____”. Unfortunately I’m not very good at that sort of thing. Thankfully I have help with

It’s THAT simple. Take a picture, email it to and wait for the email. It turns this…

Into this…

You can do this from the email on your computer too; or visit the website – – and upload the picture directly. Like I said; Simple color choices.