Undo before anything else

I’ve talked about this A LOT; but “Undo” is my first stop on almost every “oops” moment on the computer.

  • If I accidentally delete, move or rename files I didn’t mean to
  • If text moves or changes in an email or document that I want back
  • if something seems different on my computer but I’m not sure what

“Undo” isn’t just for typing; it works on almost everything you do on your computer.  Here’s how.

Help-PC-SmallIf something happens on your computer you didn’t expect or want – anything really – hit CTRL+Z (that’s the control key and the Z key at the same time). You can also find “Undo” in the edit menu of most programs.

Help-Mac-SmallThe same holds true on the Mac only hit Command+Z (that’s the “Apple” key and the Z key at the same time).

I know it seems strange but I’ve screwed a lot of things up on my computer that were repaired by hitting “Undo” – from little typos to deleted backups.  And if it didn’t help it really didn’t hurt anything either.  Give “Undo” a shot before you panic.

BONUS TIP: If you hit “Undo” and realize it’s not what you wanted hit Shift+CTRL+Z (Windows) or Shift+Command+Z (Mac) to “Redo” your Undo and get back to where you were

Rename a file

I rename more files than I care to count. And it takes a lot of time when I have to use a mouse. Thankfully there’s a really, really fast way to rename a file with the keyboard

Help-PCHighlight the file you want to rename and hit the F2 key on your keyboard.   You’ll notice that the file name is highlighted.  You can start typing the new name of your file.

Help-MacThe process is exactly the same on the mac except instead of F2, hit the Return key.  You’ll see the text of the file name highlighted and ready to be replaced.

A quick way to rename files may seem silly, but five seconds every time times 25 files a day times…. Well, you get the point.

BONUS TIP: If you need to name a file with the date (for reports or newsletters) try this: Name each file with the date in YEAR-MONTH-DAY format – “2009-08-18 Sales Report.xls” this month and “2008-09-18 Sales Report.xls” next month.  That way when you have a whole directory full of sales reports you can sort them by their respective dates

Simpler for me

Mechanics always seem to be the ones with cars in the shop; just like most of the web developers I know have a lot of website parts and very few finished websites.

I mention this because I moved this site (digital simple) again; hopefully this will be where it stays. It looks the same (mostly) and behaves the same (mostly) but it’s simpler for me to manage. No more website up on cinder blocks for me.

I invite you to send your technology questions to Sherman@digitalSimple.info. Every Tuesday I’ll talk about a feature you may not know about, and Wednesdays are “411 for you Technology 911”.

Thanks for reading; welcome to Monday!