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question2My wife Amanda was given a task: change the file names on up to 1000+ files; some she had to create names for, some she had to remove the date from the file name. It was a bit daunting.

After an hour she had new names for about 100 files, but there were 800+ left to remove the dates. Thankfully there are programs out there that can help make this task a lot simpler.

That’s one of the key reasons to use a computer: make things simpler. In this case we took a task that could have taken hours and got it done in minutes.

What’s taking you a long time on your computer? How can we help make it simpler? Ask a question and find out!

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Big, big files

Sometimes I need to send a BIG file to someone – a bunch of images, a presentation, whatever.  I’m talking about files that are too big for email. I could put it on a disc and mail it, but is faster.

Drop Home Screen

On the home screen I click to add the file I want and change the name of the file’s “address”.  Then I click “Create A Drop” and watch my file upload; when it’s done I have a unique web URL to send to whoever needs to see my file. is a simple way to pass along that BIG idea!  Have a great weekend!