Monday: Simplicity

Get back in the groove with simple ways to help your tech work for you.

Clean Desk

Clean Desk

I use my computer desktop the way I use my desk-desktop; Holding whatever I need for my current work. Folders, images, documents, PDF files, whatever. I can get to everything I need faster It helps me remember what I’m doing. It’s a great… Read more

Tell people you’re out sick

I’ve been sick with a cold for about five days now.  It took me out of work late last week so I’ve got a lot of catch-up to do.  I apologize for not writing while I was away. I would have had less work if I’d have told people I was out: I let… Read more

Simpler for me

Mechanics always seem to be the ones with cars in the shop; just like most of the web developers I know have a lot of website parts and very few finished websites. I mention this because I moved this site (digital simple) again; hopefully this… Read more