Dropbox for multiple computers

logoI use several computers and need to move files between them often. I could use a USB drive or email, but the simple solution for me is Dropbox.

Dropbox a program that runs on each of my computers – home, laptop and work. It creates a folder where I can store documents, images, other folders or whatever. Anything that’s put it a folder on one of my computers is copied by Dropbox to that same folder on all my other computers. Once it’s installed this happens automatically.  Simple.

If i’m not at my one of my computers I can access my Dropbox files online or on my phone. And If I screw something up on a file they keep revisions for me so I can recover.

Help-PC-SmallHelp-Mac-SmallDropbox works on my PC and My Mac.  A “basic” account is free for 2 gigabytes of storage, so give Dropbox a try if you need a simple way to use multiple computers.